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Even though 2 months may sound like a long trip, it's not. We have an ambitious route planned - one that would have us encircle nearly the entire country. Though plans are going to change and destinations will be added and subtracted, we've mapped ourselves out to have some sort of reference. So Follow Us

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're Still Here, for now

Been on the run after some last minute ails in Rishikesh, hitting public bus after public bus, 7hrs after 7hrs after 15hrs and sadly going nowhere far - no one promised smooth running asphalt veins in India. Ddin't expect them either. Briefly, I'll say, to whet your appetites, that we shocked our droopy postures and kicked the ground for some last minute adventures. I'm talking braving the tumultuous glacier fed waters of the younger side of the Ganges River in a white water raft then scouting the terrain by jeep and elephant back for tigers and like wild beasts in the wilds of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Adventurous? Yes. Currently we've settled into luxury, shopping the final days in Delhi.
We'll write you soon. Upon return we'll throw up some slide-shows of the best pics and videos.

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